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Bebe Rexha reportedly threw out multiple fans for throwing objects at her during a performance at the Titletown Summer Fun Days Showcase in Green Bay, Wisconsin on Saturday, June 1. Clips shown on social media showed the singer, 34, instructing security guards to escort the showgoers out of the concert after throwing objects. The incident comes nearly a year after she was struck with a cell phone during a New York City concert.

In a TikTok video, one fan wrote that she had instructed security guards to kick 10 people out of the concert. At one point, she made a reference to the New York incident, informing the audience member that she sought legal action against the showgoer who hit her the last time. “If you want to hit me in the face, I happened to press charges for the other guy. I’d love to become richer,” she said. “So go ahead, honey.”

After the moment, Bebe then walked back her comment, saying that she didn’t actually want to be struck again. She showed that she was being sarcastic. “I’m not inviting that, please. It was just a joke,” she said. At one point, a fan caught someone else walking behind the barricade with security, and Bebe was shouting at them from the stage.

Fans were clearly happy for the “I’m a Mess” singer to defend herself and throw out people set on disrupting the concert. In the “notes” section of the Setlist.fm page for the concert noted that she chucked a bunch of people out. “‘I’m Good (Blue)’ was restarted halfway through because there were immature young men throwing objects in the crowd. She scolded them real good,” someone wrote.

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Back in June 2023, Bebe was hit by a fan’s phone while performing the final song of her set at the Rooftop at Pier 17 in New York City. After the incident, she kept a good sense of humor, joking about banning phones at her next concert. She also kept giving fans updates as she healed following the incident, sharing photos of her black eye on social media. After the fact, she wrote, “I’m good.” 

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