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The 2024 Road House remake is packed with even more action than the original. The Jake Gyllenhaal-led film — which also stars Daniela Melchior, Billy Magnussen, Jessica Williams, Lukas Gage, Conor McGregor, Dominique Columbus and several more — is coming to Prime Video soon, and Dominique exclusively spoke with Hollywood Life in a video interview about his experience sharing the screen with Jake. 

“You can tell why he’s been doing this caliber of work over the years,” Dominique pointed out. “Look at the preparation in his physical body, right? … It’s a sense of method acting, transforming your body to become that person. It’s just cool to see that, it’s cool to experience that because you see a level of dedication and focus. You can see the work. And to me, that was dope to experience.” 

Jake Gyllenhaal on the post for the 2024 remake of 'Road House'
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Without spoiling anything for viewers, the City of Lies actor described what it was like working with the Guilty star. The Road House cast shot their scenes in the Dominican Republic over the course of four months. 

“You know, you’re on set for three and a half, four months with these guys,” Dominique explained. “My character [Reef], you know, I’m in the road house. So, there is a lot of amazing moments with all of us, with Jake as well.” 

The production is based on the original 1989 film starring Patrick Swayze. Since we’re in the golden age of prequels, sequels and reboots, Dominique teased that the cast and crew of Road House “stepped it up” a notch in comparison to its ’80s predecessor.

Dominique Columbus
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“The s**t that we all did on this project was very, very fun, but it required a lot of hours of work,” Dominique stressed. “It required a lot of figuring out what’s the dance [choreographing stunts].” 

While playing his character, Reef — whom Dominique described is the “friend that everybody wants” and “has your back” — the Ray Donovan alum emphasized that the stunt work he and his castmates accomplished is worth noting. Moreover, stunt coordinators Steve Brown and Garrett Warren, in addition to all film stuntmen and women, don’t get the credit they deserve. 

“One thing I really want is for the stunt team to get their flowers,” Dominique said. “It bothers me to this day that the Academy Awards don’t give awards to stuntmen [and women]. It bothers me. Because when I watch people running the stunts on set, this is not an easy task.”

The all-new Road House will reach Prime Video on March 21. 

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