Revolutionizing database performance monitoring with DBmarlin and IBM Instana 

Monitoring database performance can be a daunting task, especially in complex environments with a combination of both self-hosted and cloud-based databases. Thanks to the innovative partnership between DBmarlin and IBM® Instana™, businesses can now achieve granular insights into database performance like never before. 

The business challenge 

Businesses face several challenges when it comes to database performance monitoring: 

  1. Understanding and optimizing database performance to ensure the seamless operation of critical applications. 
  2. Efficiently monitoring multiple database technologies across various environments. 
  3. Optimizing database performance in agile development as a continuous process that aligns with development changes. 

The solution: DBmarlin and IBM Instana 

DBmarlin and IBM Instana collaborated to provide an innovative solution that comprehensively addresses these challenges. 

1. Linking database performance and changes 

DBmarlin excels in auto-detecting changes to schema objects, database parameters, explain plans and continuous integration/continuous deployment (CICD) tools. This functionality allows businesses to visualize the impact of changes on database performance over time. By connecting these dots, organizations can make informed decisions about their database infrastructure. 

2. User-friendly interface 

DBmarlin boasts a modern and consistent user interface across different database technologies. Whether you’re an expert or a novice, you’ll find the interface intuitive and easy to navigate. This accessibility ensures that everyone on your team can harness the power of DBmarlin to enhance database performance. 

3. Insights and recommendations 

One of the standout features of DBmarlin is its ability to provide actionable insights and recommendations. You don’t need to be a database expert to fine-tune your database; DBmarlin offers guidance based on data analysis, making performance optimization accessible to all. 

The outcome 

With DBmarlin and IBM Instana, businesses can expect significant improvements in their database performance monitoring and optimization efforts. They recently helped client, Mayden, solve a third-party integration headache within minutes, thanks to the database observability provided by DBmarlin. The results:  

  • The integration of DBmarlin and Instana revitalized a crucial third-party health database application for Mayden. 
  • Call time improved dramatically, decreasing from 837ms to 92ms. 
  • Mayden achieved full observability from development to production by using both DBmarlin and Instana. The development team feels confident in tackling ambitious projects, knowing that issues will be quickly identified and resolved. 
  • Improved Tableau performance can be credited to DBmarlin’s capabilities. 
  • Mayden achieved a top ranking in an NHS survey by leveraging both DBmarlin and Instana. 

The partnership between DBmarlin and IBM Instana is a game-changer in the world of database performance monitoring. Businesses can now enjoy a user-friendly, comprehensive solution that empowers them to optimize their database performance and deliver exceptional digital experiences to their customers. With DBmarlin and IBM Instana, the future of database performance monitoring looks brighter than ever before

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