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With a vast amount of technology training and education available today, it’s difficult to know what deserves your attention and what’s just a marketing ploy. Furthermore, most training and education in technology is only offered through text or video, meaning that the learner doesn’t have an opportunity to apply the theory that they are learning. This naturally reduces the effectiveness of the training. Few programs offer to integrate and weave new training into the pre-existing training that is offered within participating organizations.

If your organization is on the cusp of adopting new technologies, you are likely considering the aspects that go along with such a major investment. One aspect that is often overlooked is the importance of high-quality training. Holistic, comprehensive training includes hands-on, real-world experience that teaches your technical staff how to carry out their full mission.

This approach to training integrates into your onboarding process and allows your new engineers to grow their skillsets and understand the full scope of their responsibilities while growing their own capabilities. Ultimately, this is training that supports the mission of your organization.

The opportunity cost of poor selection in training is too large when you’re adopting new technologies. Training is a necessary part of the due diligence.

Recently, a large multinational electronics company underwent a major transformation, leaving behind technologies and processes from the 1990s to adopt cutting-edge replacements. The company engaged IBM® as their training partner and incorporated training at the leading edge of their extraordinary transformation. They upskilled 3,000 software engineers for DevOps and cloud-native technologies. With a co-created custom curriculum that is designed to supplement their standard DevOps and cloud native offerings to ensure the content aligned with the client’s new technology stack.

As part of this training program, IBM Cloud Native Academy delivered monthly cohorts for technical staff including text, video, and classroom-based learning. In conjunction with hands-on labs that provided real-world experience not found anywhere else. The client completed over 7,000 hands-on labs and logged over 2500 learning hours. With training on the forefront, the company was able to drive forward many new initiatives with great speed and success.

If you are considering options for training to support your organization’s growth, IBM is here to help. Whether you want our full training package, self-paced labs, or customized training, IBM is ready to partner with you in designing the perfect program to fit the needs of your organization.

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