HURRY! Restocked on Amazon: Battery Daddy Organizer & Tester – ONLY $9.99!

Ontel Battery Daddy Organizer and Storage Case w Tester

Get your batteries organized with this Amazon deal!

For a limited time, hurry on over to Amazon where you can snag this highly-rated Battery Daddy Organizer and Storage Case w/ Tester for just $9.99 (regularly $19.99)!

This sturdy plastic battery storage case and organizer can hold up to 180 batteries including 78 AAs, 64 AAAs, 8 9-Volts, 10 Cs, 12 Coin Cells, and 8 D batteries! It also features a clear locking lid to allow you to see what batteries you have and a battery tester so you’re only storing batteries that work.

Battery Daddy

Make it easier on yourself to always find batteries when you need them and to know which ones you need to purchase next with the Battery Daddy Organizer and Storage Case w/ Tester! It would make a really practical gift Christmas gift idea too!

Check out these helpful reader comments…

Love this! great price! we got one some years back from another website and ended up buying one for my brother too, he was impressed by the wrapper he was taking to recycling for us, I’d say Great Christmas gift and a good price for one.

Everything is organized. I am actually using it right now, lol, the electricity went out less than 3 hrs ago, and just came back on, but I pulled it out to switch up some batteries in the flashlights and lanterns, it’s always nice and handy to just grab an entire bin of batteries ready to refresh flashlights, no fumbling thru cardboard wrappers and no searching thru junk drawers and such.

This is one of those items that you didn’t know how badly you needed until you have it. Gone are the days of loose batteries all over the place that you just ignore because you have no clue if they’re bad batteries or new ones.

It was so much fun testing all the batteries out and organizing them. I can easily see what needs replenishing. And now everyone knows exactly where the batteries are kept. I highly recommend it to everyone!

I was just gifted this at Christmas and it’s a game-changer! So nice not to have an entire kitchen drawer filled with batteries. This keeps them nicely organized and I can also see when I’m running low on something. The tester is a really nice bonus, too.

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