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Bradley Cooper, 49, opened up about why he chooses to walk around naked in his home, in a new interview. The actor, who is currently dating Gigi Hadid, and host Dax Shepard brought up the topic of nudity on the Armchair Expert podcast after Dax talked about how his daughters, including Lincoln, 10, and Delta, 9, who he shares with wife Kristen Bell, talk to him unbothered while he’s going to the bathroom during his morning routine. He described the routine as “poopy time,” and said the “girls start filing in, they start chatting with me, and it’s amazing they don’t care,”

“The girls start coming in and out — is this the same with Lea?” Dax then asked Bradley, referring to his daughter Lea, 6, whom he shares with ex Irina Shayk. “Where they sit and talk to me, like a foot away from me, and it’s terrible in there!”

Bradley Cooper
Bradley at a recent event. (Getty Images)

“My bedroom is, the bathtub and toilet and bed are all in the same room. It’s 24/7, dude! There are no doors. … The stairs go up and it’s all one floor,” the Maestro star responded. After Dax then asked if Lea doesn’t care, Bradley confirmed she didn’t. “Yeah, no, no. We talk where I’m on the toilet, she’s in the bathtub; that’s sort of the go-to,” he said.

“Great biological question surrounding this: Is it your genes that makes you not care? Or is it just the nurture of it all? It’s insane that they don’t care,” Dax then said before Bradley added his own thoughts. “Here’s what’s interesting. I didn’t grow up that way. At all. I don’t think I ever saw my father on the toilet until he got sick. Like, ever in my life,” he said, referring to his father Charles, who died from cancer in January 2011.

Bradley Cooper, Gigi Hadid
Bradley and Gigi during a recent outing. (Getty Images)

Dax went on to say his family does it “Swedish style” and explained “we’re naked all the time.” Bradley admitted he is too. “Me too. And by the way, I was like that. Not with my mom but with my dad. My dad was always nude, always took showers with him,” he said before confirming he’s “totally” comfortable with being nude.

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