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Deaths in the News is a weekly video series from Legacy.com covering recent national news obituaries we’ve published.

November 2022 Week 2 (2022 Episode 46)
This video features Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy, “Sledge-O-Matic” comedian Gallagher, MMA fighter Anthony “Rumble” Johnson, Brazilian tropicalia singer Gal Costa, Hawkwind saxophonist Nik Turner, Public Image Limited guitarist Keith Levene, “Days of Our Lives” star John Aniston, “Hollywood Hillbillies” star Dolores Hughes, Improv comedy club founder Budd Friedman, talk radio host Jim Bohannon, White House honoree Virginia McLaurin, Good Housekeeping editor-in-chief Ellen Levine, and “Hogan’s Heroes” star Robert Clary.

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Kevin Conroy http://bit.ly/3TU7ZOg
Gallagher http://bit.ly/3hVVLHe
Anthony “Rumble” Johnson http://bit.ly/3EFQFI7
Gal Costa http://bit.ly/3V91Vm2
Nik Turner http://bit.ly/3XaXIjm
Keith Levene http://bit.ly/3UMeUu1
John Aniston http://bit.ly/3Aov8Bt
Dolores Hughes http://bit.ly/3TO7Qvz
Budd Friedman http://bit.ly/3E9zGg0
Jim Bohannon http://bit.ly/3XcLDKp
Virginia McLaurin http://bit.ly/3Oeyk8i
Ellen Levine http://bit.ly/3tAFyKt
Robert Clary http://bit.ly/3hPgP2f

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