Up to 50% Off Black+Decker Insect Products on Amazon | Electric Bug Zapper Only $11.96

woman holding a Black+Decker Bug Zapper above a fly

Help keep bugs away this summer!

For a limited time, head over to Amazon where they are offering some nice deals on Black+Decker Insect Products!

Warm temperatures mean bugs will be out in full force before we know it. These products are perfect to keep them at bay – both indoors and outside.

Check out these Black+Decker Insect Products…

hand holding Black+Decker Electric Bug Zapper

Swat away bugs with this electric bug zapper. It has a protective mesh that allows pests in but helps keep fingers out. These are perfect to keep mosquitos at bay while on the patio or catch the pesky fly that got into the house.

box of Black+Decker Fly Paper Ribbons and unraveled ribbon on table

These sticky paper ribbons are set up in seconds and catch flying insects on their glue paper for an odorless, non-toxic, and poison-free way to deal with pests. The sticky strips can retain their adhesiveness for up to 2 years and they can catch anything from a house fly to mosquitoes, fruit flies, or horse flies!

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