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An Amazon Prime Video Subscription gives you access to some of the hottest shows and movies! Here’s what our team is watching!

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Enjoy all your favorite shows for less with Amazon Prime Video! 

Access to Amazon Prime Video is one of the best perks of being an Amazon Prime member. If you aren’t a Prime member yet, consider taking advantage of a FREE 30-day trial!

And through December 3rd only, select Prime Video channels are as low $1 for the first two months – such a killer deal! Just scroll through the “Black Friday Deals on Prime Video Channels” section found here and sign up for the channels that interest you.

Note that after your first two months, each subscription will renew at the regular monthly price, but you can cancel at any time.

Prime members can score a deal on these popular add-on channels…

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  • STARZ – $2.50/month for 2 months, then $9.99/month for Prime Members
  • MGM+$1.50/month for 2 months, then $5.99/month for Prime Members
  • Cinemax – $2.50/month for 2 months, then $9.99/month for Prime Members
  • Hallmark Movies Now – $1.50/month for 2 months, then $5.99/month for Prime Members
  • Noggin – $2/month for 2 months, $7.99/month for Prime Members
  • PBS Kids – $1.25/month for 2 months, $4.99/month for Prime Members
  • PBS Masterpiece – $1.50/month for 2 months, then $5.99/month for Prime Members
  • PBS Documentaries – $1/month for 2 months, then $3.99/month for Prime Members
  • VIX Premium – $1.75/month for 2 months, then $6.99/month for Prime Members
  • AcornTV – $1.75/month for 2 months, then $6.99/month for Prime Members
  • Britbox – $2.25/month for 2 months, then $8.99/month for Prime Members
  • Allblk – $1.50/month for 2 months, then $5.99/month for Prime Members
  • Paramount+ – $3/month for 2 months, then $11.99/month for Prime Members
  • AMC+ – $2.25/month for 2 months, then $8.99/month for Prime Members

Check our team’s favorite shows that are included with Amazon Prime Video

Our team's favorite Amazon Prime Video Subscription shows

Our team is loving these old and new favorites that are available on Amazon Prime. Best of all, these shows are all included with your Prime Video subscription and there is no additional cost to watch them!

“I’m a little late to the game on this one, but I started watched The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and it’s so fun! It’s definitely not one to watch when the kids are anywhere near you, but it follows Midge Maisel as she becomes a successful comic in the 1950s! It will definitely make you laugh (and sometimes blush 😂) and you can’t help but love all the characters!” – Jenna

“I’ve been rewatching The Wilds (such a good Prime Original show for those who loved the early seasons of Lost), unfortunately it was cancelled during the pandemic, but it is AMAZING. The plot twists are next-level.” – Madison

“I LOVED The Summer I Turned Pretty! ❤️ #teamjeremiah” – Jenna

“We just watched LuLaRich, the documentary about the Lu La Roe craze. It was so fascinating but also heartbreaking for those who were scammed in it and lost so much. The owners of it are so interesting on camera and I didn’t realize that the company was still running today!” – Emily

“My wife and I started watching Mad Men! For those who aren’t aware: It’s a somber and realistic take on the advertising world in the mid 20th Century, but SO well acted and incredibly fascinating.” – Shane

“The first season of Upload was so good! It takes place in a futuristic world where those who die can upload their consciousness to a picturesque afterlife. The problem is that only the rich can afford the best version. After suddenly dying, the main character is uploaded by his wealthy girlfriend and soon discovers his death may not be an accident after all. It’s part love story and part mystery. I highly recommend!” – Kara

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Amazon Prime Video has so much to enjoy, from the hottest movies and TV shows to live sporting events! The Prime Video selection includes some of your favorite network television shows, blockbusters, and award-winning Amazon Originals. There are thousands upon thousands of shows and movies to watch and many of them are completely ad-free!

You can also try FREE trials of special movie channels (like Showtime) and add them to your subscription if you want permanent access. Plus, you can rent or buy the latest movie releases – including some that are still in theaters!

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