Travel To New York | Full History, Documentary About New York By Shani TV | نیویارک کی سیر


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Amazing Facts And Urdu History And Documentary About Video New York
Shani TV dahknay waly subi dosto ko A. A dosto aj ki is video ma hum ap ko sair kar wahy gay america k ik kubsurat city new york ki jo apne kubsurat bullding ki wja say puri duniya ma jana jata hai
New York City, known as the City of Dreams and the most visited and most visited city in the world. Millions of people turn to it every month to get an Experian, the city’s most talented people in the world. A jungle used to be big trees on all sides, but now it offers a different view of the beautiful buildings with friends. Today in this video we will tell you about the richest city in New York. I will tell you facts that reveal its fascinating history. Of course, all this information will be new to you. All newcomers to Welcome Shaani TV before the regular launch of the video If you have not yet subscribe to our channel Sani TV on YouTube then quickly subscribe and press the bell button. Let’s keep all the new videos coming to you in a timely fashion so let’s go to this video today.In this city of dreams, one in every 21 people has a million If this video is a great reason for you to increase your knowledge, definitely share this video with your loved ones on WhatsApp and Facebook and don’t forget to like this video for my encouragement next video. Allow me to take care of Allah

Voice Over ; Muhammad Arfan

Audio & Video Editing : Nazam Anwar

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