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Reaching the 100th episode milestone is a remarkable achievement for any TV show, especially in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing television landscape. In an era where viewers can binge-watch an entire series in a weekend and move onto the next, maintaining a consistent level of quality and viewer interest over multiple seasons is no small feat. It’s like hitting a home run in the World Series or scoring the overtime goal to win the Stanley Cup. This milestone not only signifies a show’s durability and appeal, but also reflects a dedicated fan base and a production team’s relentless commitment to storytelling excellence. 

When it comes to the Rookie celebrating their 100th episode, I can’t think of a series more deserving of this epic celebration. The cast is truly a found family, pouring every ounce of their dedication and passion into bringing characters to life that not only captivate fans but keep them deeply invested in the unfolding storylines. And let’s not forget the backbone of this operation- the production team. Hats off to Alexi Hawley, the show’s creator and writer, who consistently delivers scripts that hit the mark every single time. It is clear that he has his ear to the ground, listening to what viewers are craving. A show runner who genuinely listens to their audience is a rare gem in the vast sea of television. It is almost as rare as a show reaching the 100-episode mark. Maybe it is time for other show runners to sit up and take notes. 

How fitting it was that the Rookie’s 100th episode revolved around a celebration- John and Bailey’s wedding. True to the show’s style, the event wasn’t smooth sailing because, let’s be honest, navigating through chaos is what the show does best. From Bailey’s wedding ring being pawned by Randy in a role-play game gone awry, sparking Tim to get into an epic fight in his attempt to get it back, to family members dropping out of the wedding at the eleventh hour, there were a lot of twists and turns before the big moment happened. One missing guest of note was Pete Davidson. Unfortunately, he was unable to reprise his role as John’s half-brother, but luckily, he sent a stand-in. Enter the scene-stealer, Skip Tracer Randy (Flula Borg), arm in arm with Pete’s girlfriend, Chastity, whom Pete lent him to be his date for the event. Needless to say, he made his mark in a way that only STR can. 

Although the wedding finally went off without a hitch, the chaos wasn’t over. In a turn of events, Celina ventured alone to confront a suspect that she had given her contact information to earlier, only to find herself held against her will.  This unexpected twist forced Nolan to make a dramatic exit from his own wedding, as he joined forces with the team to embark on a tense rescue mission to save Celina. Luckily, everyone got out of the situation unscathed.

This episode wasn’t just about celebrating Bailey and Nolan, it was about celebrating all of the couples and all of the things that fans love about the show, especially Chenford. Their journey was a slow burn that took almost 5 seasons, making their celebration of love all the more poignant. Tim and Lucy have based their relationship on a bedrock of mutual trust, but both characters have navigated their fair share of personal and shared traumas, making them afraid to fully open up at times for fear of losing one another. Despite their strong connection, there have been lingering unvoiced concerns since last season. Specifically, Tim’s apprehensions about Lucy being an undercover officer and Lucy’s worries about Tim’s ability to cope with it. However, this episode marked a turning point, as they bravely shared their deepest fears and desires, culminating in the exchange of those three powerful words that fans have been dying to hear, “I love you.” Tim taking the first step to repair things with Lucy as he led her onto the dance floor, and his willingness to seek help for his trauma about Lucy’s undercover work, highlights his significant growth over the seasons. The Tim we met in season 1, would have never entertained such a notion. But his relationship with Lucy has changed him. She has become his motivation to embrace every ounce of discomfort that comes with growth. Together, they elevate each other, embodying a partnership rooted in love, trust, and now, open communication. This foundation ensures that they are equipped to withstand any obstacle that comes their way.

The Rookie isn’t just celebrating 100 episodes; it is celebrating a legacy of teamwork, dedication and unbreakable connection with its audience. Here’s to many more episodes, because a show that listens and evolves with its fans, is a show that deserves every bit of success. 

Other memorable moments from tonight’s episode: 

  • Best cold open ever- Nolan and Celina respond to a noise complaint that turned out to be the infamous garage band singing, “daddy cop,” complete with a church choir and electric guitarist. 
  • Tim getting his butt kicked by a man nicknamed, “the Hammer” while Lucy watched. 
  • The Chenford proposal foreshadowing. Well done writers and directors!
    The return of Oscar!
  • Angela basking in Chenford arguing- “I’m hilarious, ask Wesley.” 
  • Nyla subbing in for Nolan as Celina’s Training Officer and not making it easy for her, including inviting Angela to watch Celina interview a suspect- “you invited me here to enjoy the show.”
  • Everyone looking Ah-maz-ing at the wedding. 
  • Grey stepping in to officiate the wedding and doing a bang up job- except for the rings. Where were the rings?? How could they have missed such an important moment, especially after everything that went down to get the ring back from the Hammer.
  • Aaron kissing Celina – can you say trauma bonding? Then getting hammered? I sure hope he takes his counselling seriously and doesn’t spend his time flirting with the psychiatrist.
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