The Only 2 Toxic-Free & Natural Deodorants You Need!

Shop the cleanest and best natural deodorants on the market!

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Stay away from stinky ingredients!

My top-tested natural deodorant picks are toxic-free and stain-free, have minimal and biodegradable ingredients and are incredibly long-lasting.

As you may have seen, we announced a new non-toxic series! Every week, we’ll share a helpful guide to replacing products in your home with the best non-toxic products on the market.

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Why skip traditional deodorants?

Some of the most recognized brands on store shelves contain chemicals that can cause a plethora of health issues. Your skin is your largest organ, and it absorbs every single thing you put on it, including deodorant. It’s a protective barrier for many things, but it cannot protect us from chemicals found in many deodorants.

Here are just a few of the chemicals commonly found in some deodorants:

  • 🛑 Aluminum Linked to breast cancer.
  • 🛑 Diethanolamine (DEA)Carcinogens that are easily absorbed by the skin – affect the liver and kidneys and are so toxic to humans that they’ve been banned in Europe.
  • 🛑 Parabens Disrupts hormone balances, affects fertility and reproductive organs and increases risks of cancers.
  • 🛑 Phthalates – Can impact your natural hormones and lead to serious health issues such as lower fertility, development issues, and a higher risk of cancer.
  • 🛑 Propylene Glycol – Reported adverse effects from PG toxicity include central nervous system (CNS) toxicity, hyperosmolarity, hemolysis, cardiac arrhythmia, seizures, agitation, and lactic acidosis.
  • 🛑 Synthetic Fragrances, “Parfum”, or “Fragrance” – May cause headaches, breathing difficulties, cardiovascular and neurological problems, mucosal irritation, and contact dermatitis. Higher risk of cancer.
  • 🛑 Talc Can contain asbestos, a substance that can cause a variety of cancers, including lung and ovarian cancer when inhaled. 
  • 🛑 Triclosan Disrupts endocrine systems, hormone imbalances, and promotes harmful bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics.
  • 🛑 Triethanolamine (TEA)Carcinogens that are easily absorbed by the skin – affect the liver and kidneys and are so toxic to humans that they’ve been banned in Europe.

Below are the BEST non-toxic deodorants that are safe for you and the environment:


Graphic of best stick and spray deodorants

Important note: Deodorants are not meant to prevent sweating, and our bodies are naturally made to release sweat and toxins. Deodorants are meant to prevent odor-causing bacteria from growing, and over time, you’ll sweat less with natural deodorant. I recommend an armpit detox if you’re struggling with odor.

Hand holding a stick of crystal deodorant in cork container

This one stick of “deodorant” will last you an entire year or more with regular daily use. 😱 EnergyBalance uses the heart of a naturally derived potassium alum stone, which is solid and the purest form found in nature, and it has many benefits from traditional deodorant.

It’s safe and gentle for all skin types, odorless, and doesn’t stain, so it’s an excellent choice for men and women for any occasion and outfit. The stone naturally inhibits the growth of bacteria and offers 24-hour protection, but you can also use it as many times as you wish to freshen your underarms. The cork shell is eco-friendly, biodegradable, and allows you to leave zero trace, so it doesn’t get any cleaner than that! Plus, it outlasts any other stick on the market and is travel-friendly. On top of that, it’s cooling and incredibly fun to use.

Woman holding crystal deodorant, stick under armpit

To recap, here are the top 5 reasons why you should switch to Biork™ Deodorant:

  1. ✅ 1 Natural ingredient
  2. ✅ Naturally inhibits the growth of bacteria
  3. ✅ Safe for all skin types (men & women)
  4. ✅ COSMOS Certified
  5. ✅ 100% Plastic-free

Important: Aluminum in crystal deodorant stones is a different type of aluminum called alum. The most common form of this is potassium aluminum, also known as potassium aluminum sulfate. Potassium aluminum (and other alums) is a natural mineral salt that consists of molecules too large to be absorbed by the skin. Instead, they form an additional protective layer on your skin that inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

woman smiling holding two bottles of thai crystal deodorant mist

Thai Crystal Deodorant Mist 2-Pack $11.98 (regularly $14.98) – just $5.99 each

How to save: Already competitively priced on Amazon, or check your local stockist for lower prices on individual bottles.

If you love the concept of spraying your deodorant, you’ll love my other toxic-free and natural deodorant option – the only ingredients are mineral salts and purified water. 😱 Crystallized natural mineral salts are pure and natural, killing odor-causing bacteria. It’s a refreshing choice to take with you on the go when a clean water source may not be available for the Biork deodorant I shared above.

Thai Deodorant crystal sprays are made from naturally occurring bauxite ore and are mined and refined into pure alum crystals. Alum is a natural compound found in nature. It is present in the water we drink, in the foods we eat, and in the air we breathe. Fun fact: alum is the third most abundant element on earth, after oxygen and silicon! Just like the Biork deodorant, it also is fragrance-free and doesn’t stain. Plus, it’s packaged in a bottle made of recycled materials.

woman putting thai crystal deodorant in beach tote bag hanging on brick wall

To recap, here are the top 5 reasons why you should switch to Thai Crystal Deodorant Mist:

  1. ✅ Only two biodegradable ingredients
  2. ✅ Naturally kills odor-causing bacteria
  3. ✅ Fragrance-free & doesn’t stain
  4. ✅ Aerosol-free spray
  5. ✅ Highest grade of ethically sourced salt

Important Notes: Thai Crystal deodorant contains large alum molecules that cannot be absorbed into the body or bloodstream. The alum in the crystals is in a salt form and is not in the metallic form and these products have no forms of aluminum that can clog pores or be absorbed in the body.

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