The latest Samsung Frame smart TVs are back on sale for record-low prices

Those on the lookout for a good deal on a new TV could do worse than to consider . The latest versions of the smart TVs are currently on sale. The 50-inch model has dropped by $400 to $898 at and . That marks a record-low price for this size.


Samsung’s latest The Frame TVs are on sale, with some sizes dropping to record low prices.

$898 at Amazon

When you aren’t watching a show or movie, a Frame TV displays artwork, making it look like a hanging picture instead of an ominous black mirror. It’s likely to be a classy upgrade from an older TV you’ve been hanging onto, and one that’s a neat party trick when unassuming guests see it switch into TV mode for the first time.

You can display your own collection of images and photos on the TV. In addition, you’ll have the option to subscribe to Samsung’s Art Store and access more than 1,400 artworks from emerging and well-known artists alike.

The latest models have an anti-reflective matte finish to add to the illusion, while the bezel is customizable and magnetic, so you can swap it out whenever you like. Samsung also attempted to reduce cable clutter by having a single tin wire that connects to an external receiver into which you might plug game consoles and/or a cable box.

Let’s not forget that The Frame is a QLED 4K TV too. Samsung says it delivers 100 percent color volume and vivid images. The display has a 60Hz refresh rate and it supports Google Assistant and Alexa. It runs a variety of apps, including the likes of Apple TV+, Samsung TV Plus, Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu, Xbox, NVIDIA GeForce Now, ESPN and Max — in other words, all the major streaming services and some cloud gaming options.

The Frame is available in a variety of formats, from 32 inches to a whopping 85 inches, so you’re bound to find a size that fits your needs. Meanwhile, Walmart is on Samsung TVs, so if you’re perhaps looking for an option with a higher refresh rate, you might be able to snap one up for a discount.

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