The cabinet secretary blames Gallant as the government fails to advance the Haredi enlistment proposal.


Cabinet Secretary Yossi Fuchs has accused Defense Minister Yoav Gallant of obstructing efforts to advance a plan addressing the ultra-Orthodox enlistment issue, according to a letter published by Kan public broadcaster.

Fuchs alleges that Gallant’s refusal to cooperate has prevented the government from finalizing a proposed outline for legislation on ultra-Orthodox enlistment targets. He claims that despite efforts to include the Defense Ministry’s professional input in the proposal, Gallant’s refusal has led to a legal impasse.

Due to this disagreement, the cabinet cannot convene today to adopt the proposed resolution, as it lacks the necessary professional input from the Defense Ministry to defend it in the High Court of Justice.

Gallant has denied Fuchs’ allegations, stating that his ministry has cooperated and provided affirmative responses to requests for information. He emphasizes the importance of reaching consensus within the emergency government to address security needs.

With today being the deadline for the government to respond to petitions regarding ultra-Orthodox yeshiva students’ drafting, the situation remains uncertain following Fuchs’ letter.


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