Tech News Today 1812: The Way Zeus Made It


Netflix released earnings and they are still impressing investors with revenue ($2.785 billion in the second quarter of 2017) and their seemingly endless parade of new subscribers (5.2 million new customers in this quarter.)
The New York Times reports that WhatsApp is the latest service to run up against media censorship in China. The government disrupted service of the Facebook-owned messaging tool today, blocking users from sending photos and videos.
Google announced new security features for G Suite and Apps Script to protect against the phishing scams like the one we saw back in May. Google says they’ve changed the way they handle plug-ins with a new “unverified app” screen that will appear for all newly created web applications and Apps Scripts that require verification.
Scott Johnson from The Morning Stream is here to talk about all of these stories, plus drowning robots, street fighter, and Google Glass, which is now for people who do real work.

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