Tech hiring in New York City expected to increase in 2022


Though there have been several high-profile downsizings at tech-focused companies and there are concerns about more to come, employers say they are still hungry for tech talent. Around 70% of 350 local company leaders said they expected to increase tech-related hiring this year, according to a poll by Accenture and Tech:NYC conducted earlier in 2022.

At the same time, however, website counted 7,274 New York City-based jobs at tech firms that have been eliminated since the start of the year, led by 2,800 at Peloton, 3,000 at Better, and 495 at wellness site Noom.

It is hard to get a clear picture, in part because technology jobs are hard to define. There is no single Department of Labor code for the field, nor is there agreement about whether to define a tech job by responsibility or the classification of the employer as within the tech industry. One 2018 estimate from Forrester Research put the number of tech jobs around 330,000; other metrics put it in the mid-200,000s, up from around 130,000 as counted by the New York Federal Reserve in 2016.

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