SpoilerTV Announcement – 11/27/23

Just a few important announcements for the SpoilerTV community.

The most important announcement is that Raina, an important contributor here for over 10 years, is now Head of She will be overseeing the entirety of the site, managing all content, and will continue to take the site into the future. A big thank you to Victoria, who helped out during the ownership transition. We could not be more thrilled with Raina and she is your go-to contact for all things SpoilerTV.

In addition to Raina, several of the long-term staff of have been moved into senior positions, namely Elvis and Eve.

A few other important items:

1.) We are pulling back reality TV coverage now that the strike is over. We will still post about any major news or events, but will keep it to a minimum.

2.) All ratings posted on the site will soon be available to the premium members only. This change will likely happen on Monday, December 4th.

3.) We are hugely appreciative to everyone who has subscribed as a premium member already. We are blown away by the support and it has helped to make alot of these decisions really easy.

4.) We will be shutting down this week. It was an interesting experiment, but clearly the community is here on the main site.

Thank you to all of you, and a huge congratulations to Raina, Elvis, and Eve!

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