Sian puts the finishing touches on techno / industrial LP – ‘Hedonism’

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Techno producer Sian has carved a dynamic career in Los Angeles as a musician, DJ, visual artist, and label owner. His intense, mesmerizing live performances and prolific musical output have significantly shaped club culture globally and his distinctive sound has earned him international acclaim, captivating audiences in packed venues across the world.

Sian’s latest LP, “Hedonism,” masterfully weaves dark, brooding techno with the shimmer of disco. An album that embraces diversity, Sian intertwines techno, indie, and industrial elements to craft a deep, moody auditory experience tailored for an adventurous listener. Each track is has its own sonic signature, enhanced by guest appearances that add a distinctive flair to the pressing. “Hedonism” skillfully balances rugged and polished sounds, a layered, and thought-provoking journey through 10 stunning tracks. Whether enjoyed during a quiet night at home or on a vibrant dance floor, the album offers an immersive, multi-layered experience that shows new sides of itself upon each listen.



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