RUN! 75% Off Walmart Easter Clearance | Candy, Toys, Home Decor & More

What could be better than scoring HOT clearance deals from Walmart?

Walmart Easter Clearance

Head into your local Walmart where you can score 75% off Easter clearance including candy, basket fillers, toys, and more!

Remember that the selection of items will vary by location and you can only find these deals in store!

Check out our favorite Walmart Easter clearance finds…

Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs 6-Pack
Possibly only $1.36 (regularly $5.44)!

Jumbo Plush Easter Baskets

Jumbo Plush Easter Baskets
Possibly only $6.25 (regularly $25)!

Rolo Bagged Candy

Rolo Easter Bagged Candy 9.9oz
Possibly only 99¢ (regularly $3.96)!

Hand holding a bag of Trolli Gummy Bunnies

Trolli Sour Brite Gummi Bunnies 8oz Bag
Possibly only 82¢ (regularly $3.28)!

Bags of Lindor Truffles

Lindt Lindor Truffles 8.5oz Bag in Blueberries & Cream or Neapolitan
Possibly only $1.82 (regularly $7.26)!

Kinder Surprise Eggs

Kinder Joy Eggs
Possibly only 57¢ (regularly $2.28)!

Hand holding up a pack of Airheads Easter Candy

Airheads Xtremes Candy
Possibly only 36¢ (regularly $1.44)!

Hand holding up 2 Mini Easter Puzzles at Walmart

Giggle & Grow Toddler Puzzles
Possibly only $1.99 (regularly $7.97)!

Hand holding upa Giggle & Grow Magnetic Wooden Dress-Up Doll

Giggle & Grow Magnetic Wooden Dress-Up Doll
Possibly only $1.99 (regularly $7.97)!

Honey Bee Acres The McScampers Family

Honey Bee Acres The McScampers Family
Possibly only $1.49 (regularly $9.97)!

hand holding a Hatchimals Easter Egg Set

Hatchimals Alive! Spring Basket
Possibly only $4.24 (regularly $16.97)!

Hand holding a Mini Easter Lite Brite

Mini Lite Brite Spring Edition
Possibly only $1.99 (regularly $7.97)!

Hand holdiong a Hot Wheels 3-pack

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks 3-Pack
Possibly only $4.99 (regularly $19.97)!

Easter zippered pouches that say

Way to Celebrate! Easter Message Pouch
Possibly only $1.25 (regularly $5)!

Peppa Pig Clear Easter Gift Set Backpack

Assorted Kids Clear Character Backpack Gift Set
Possibly only $3.75 (regularly $15)!

Walmart Easter Partware Gift Set

Way to Celebrate! Easter Partyware Gift Set
Possibly only 99¢ (regularly $3.97!

Nerf Easter Football Egg

NERF Toy Football & Goal Post Egg
Possibly only 75¢ (regularly $3)!

Bags of Plastic Easter Eggs at Walmart

Way to Celebrate! Plastic Easter Eggs 48-Count
Possibly only 49¢ (regularly $1.98)!

Easter treat boxes on clearance at Walmart

Way to Celebrate! Easter Treat Boxes 3-Count
Possibly only 49¢ (regularly $1.97)!

Hand holding a Silicone Bunny Head Mold

Way to Celebrate! Easter Silicone Pan
Possibly only $1.25 (regularly $4.98)!

Hand holding a container of Peeps Sprinkles

Peeps Marshmallow Flavored Sprinkles
Possibly only 99¢ (regularly $3.96)!

Hand holding a pack of Marshmallow Scented Foam

Peeps Marshmallow Scented Foam 12-Pack
Possibly only $1.25 (regularly $4.98)!

Peeps Candy & Plush Gift Sets

Peeps Marshmallow Candy & Plush Gift Set
Possibly only $1.55 (regularly $6.14)!

Peeps Surprise Eggs on shelf at Walmart

Peeps Mystery Eggs
Possibly only $2.50 (regularly $9.98)!

Hand holding an Easter Plush Ram

Assorted Easter Plush 
Possibly only $1.61 (regularly $6.44)!

Easter wooden carrot Garland at Walmart

Way to Celebrate! Easter Carrot Garland
Possibly only $1.50 (regularly $5.98)!

Hand holding An Eggmazing Decorating Kit

Egg-Mazing Mini Easter Egg Decorating Kit
Possibly only $3.75 (regularly $14.98)!

Inflatable Easter Egg

Way to Celebrate! Easter Inflatable Easter Egg
Possibly only $5 (regularly $20)!

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