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This week, New York protects the Right to Repair, Sony shows off upcoming PlayStation games, and Netflix struggles with password sharing rules.

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New York passes first all-encompassing Right to Repair law in US (http://plughitz.live/u/3714)
There has long been a battle between consumers and device manufacturers over whether or not they actually won their devices. Consumers believe that they own a phone or a tablet when they spend money on it. On the other hand, companies like Apple believe that your money does not give you full ownership over the device and they still control part or all of the experience. But that battle is beginning to wane as the government has gotten involved, taking the side of consumers – starting with New York State.

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State of Play: Sony lays out the next few years of PlayStation games (http://plughitz.live/u/3715)
With the revelation that E3 2022 has been canceled (and likely E3 is over permanently), game companies are trying to figure out how to address gamers with their big news. Some have taken to Summer Games Fest (https://www.summergamefest.com/), which is being called the “New E3” by some. Others, like Sony, have decided to hold their own events outside of any established schedules. Sony’s State of Play occurred this week, and the company showed off a lot of games coming in the next few years.

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Clipminer: The million-dollar clipboard hijacking crypto scam (http://plughitz.live/u/3716)
Over the past few years, Americans have lost over $1 billion per year to cryptocurrency scams. Some of that loss has been to dating app scams (https://plughitzlive.com/theupstream/3639-be-careful-new-scams-you-need-to-avoid-if-you-use-any-dating-apps.html), some to traditional phishing scams, while others have gotten more creative. One of the more creative, and therefore diabolical, scams comes to us from Clipminer, a clipboard hijacker that has stolen $1.7 million from unsuspecting victims.

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Netflix struggles with password sharing crackdown policy enforcement (http://plughitz.live/u/3717)
Netflix has long had a policy against password sharing. Officially, an account is only to be used within a household. However, sharing passwords among friends has become a big thing. Now, Netflix is looking for ways to limit the amount of password sharing happening, but the tests in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru have not been going quite as well as the company had hoped.

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