Op-ed: How NYC Mayor Eric Adams can help fight climate change


Funding available

Other things workers want the mayor to get done: invest in 15 gigawatts of local offshore wind development and port infrastructure; adopt the Regional Planning Association’s Triboro proposal, a 24-mile light rail connecting the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and potentially Staten Island; and mandate 100% cool roofs or green roofs.

This plan requires a historic multiyear financial investment in climate. Luckily, the city can start today with immediate funds yet to be tapped, such as the $12 billion going to the city from the Federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. The money can be used for transportation projects such as the Triboro, bus rapid transit and electric vehicle charger installations. The city is also eligible to compete for an additional $150 billion in federal funds.

On the state level, there is at least $4.2 billion in green bonds available for green jobs projects. Additional funding mechanisms are listed throughout the report.

There is both a will and mechanism to get stuff done on climate change, and New Yorkers believe Adams and other elected officials in New York can model the climate leadership that will help America become more equitable, safe and resilient.

Anita Raman is a 2022 Public Voices Fellow with the OpEd Project, in cooperation with the Yale School of Climate Change Communication; and a research and policy development associate at Cornell University.

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