New York Waterfalls in 4K Nature Relaxation, Mindfulness, Ambience, Relaxing, Healing & Meditation


4K shots of Beautiful Waterfalls with audio.
2RanDumb took A Trip to Upper New York
To Find as Many Waterfalls as we could.
11 Amazing Waterfalls We Visited In 1 Day!

Take Your Breath Away Up Close with these Natures Beauties!
We will take you away on a trip of relaxation away from all the noise of the city life.

Soothing and Rushing Sounds of The Waterfalls Up Close and Personal as We Could Get For You!
And End the Video With A Sunset that Will Fill You With Warmth and Love!
Be Blinded By Its Beauty and let it take you in.
This Place Makes You Feel Like Your On Top Of The World!

You Could Be Wowed with what this Wonderful State of New York is Hiding!
The Perfect places for a quick vacation.
Only a little over 3 hours from Buffalo

Have You Seen of these Great Waterfalls?
Would you like to know where they are?
11) Talcott Falls, Adams, NY
10) Rainbow Falls, Copenhagen, NY
9) Baby Rainbow Falls, Copenhagen, NY
8) Lyon Falls Waterfall, Lyon Falls, NY
7) Agers Falls, Lyon Falls, NY
6) Talcottville Waterfall, Constableville, NY
5,4,3,2) Pixley Falls, Boonville, NY
1) Salmon River Falls, Orwell, NY
Sun Set) Riverbed Stairs at Salmon River Falls (The Stairs to Hippieness)

And While your on The Trip Enjoying these Amazing Nature Beauties, stop into Watertown, NY and go check out the Area 51 Vortex Trail!
It’s pretty Awesome as well!
You know we checked it out!
Here’s our trip if you want to catch a quick peak if you have never heard of it

We are always on the Hunt for our Next Adventure.
If you Have a Place You Think We Should Check Out?
Heck Yeah Let Us Know About It In The Comments!
We Will Add It To Our Bucket List of Places!

Perfect for looping to relax, meditate, sleep, yoga, palates, live wallpaper, dinner parties or just reading a book with as a nice window to look out of on your monitor or television.

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Great minds come from great nature.

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Take A Trip And Get Away With Us
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We Found In New York!


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