Music, Sex, Religion, Wives & Children, U.S Marijuana Case, Denroy Morgan Tells All


Denroy Morgan, the patriarch of the Morgan Heritage fame, is rebooting his music career with the release of Peter Tosh and Bob “Get up stand up”.
This after the “I’ll do anything for you” singer dedicated almost twenty years to the musical careers of his children.

Apart from music Denroy Morgan, a father of 30, is at times a bishop, a barber, a cook, and advocate for the legalization of marijuana and in 2011 Denroy beat incredible odds in New York city by getting off a charge of possession of over twenty pounds of marijuana with only a court fee charge of us$25 and 90-days probation.

In his defense, Morgan argued that the weed is a sacramental requirement for his Rastafarian faith. Shortly after the case was closed, legislation changed in New York that prevents persons from being arrested who are found in possession of under 23 grams of marijuana.


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