Marvel Rivals is a new Overwatch-like team shooter

Marvel Games and NetEase just announced a new Overwatch-like team shooter called Marvel Rivals. As the name suggests, playable characters will be pulled from throughout the Marvel Multiverse, including members of the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy and the X-Men.

Marvel Rivals is a third-person 6v6 team-based shooter. It’ll be free to play and it’s set inside of a “continually evolving universe.” In other words, expect plenty of seasonal updates that introduce new heroes, villains, maps and challenges.

As for those heroes and villains, the developers promise a “vast array” of characters to choose from, but that roster will be limited to about a dozen upon the alpha launch in May. Early testers will be able to play as Spider-Man, Black Panther, Magneto, Magik and eight or nine more unannounced characters. The developers did mention that Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Hulk and Iron Man would be playable, but didn’t confirm that they’ll be available with the alpha. Screenshots show Dr. Strange, Storm and Scarlet Witch, among other heroes. It looks like the creators have access to the entire Marvel roster. That’s quite literally more than 80,000 potential playable characters.

Team-based shooters live or die by their maps. The devs didn’t say how many maps would be available when the alpha build hits, but did tease Asgard and Tokyo of 2099. NetEase also suggested that these environments will be destructible, with certain heroes being able to “reshape the terrain” with their powers.

A screenshot showing a bunch of heroes.

Marvel Games

The story involves various Doctor Dooms, multiple timelines and colliding universes. It’s the usual cosmic Marvel tomfoolery. At any rate, it’s likely to be better than the Secret Invasion TV show. Again, the alpha will be available in May for PC players. There’s no word on a console release.

This isn’t the only big Marvel game announced this week. Former Naughty Dog and Visceral Games writer and creative director Amy Hennig is working on a story-driven action game called Marvel 1943: Rise of Hydra. You’ll be able to play that next year.

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