Manalo: The Movie Musical | Official Trailer | SFSU's Pilipinx Cultural Night the 50th Anniversary


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Celebrating 50 years, PCN at SFSU has decided to push the boundaries of what a PCN is into what it can be by producing a film! Manalo: The Movie Musical (2022) is the first original feature-length movie musical for a PCN across the entire nation.

Manalo is an original musical that follows Nicholas Manalo, an aspiring artist who runs a small performing arts group, One Beat, in hopes of one day finding success in the theatre industry. After two years of failing to find success in his team, this puts Nicholas in a rough financial position. Back home, tension arises as Nicholas and his parents begin to clash about what it means to be an adult and to have a stable career post-college graduation. An opportunity arises for Nicholas and One Beat to enter a competition that would offer them the big break they have all been waiting for. With money and family relations on the line, will Nicholas be able to win it all?

A Pilipinx American Collegiate Endeavors (PACE) and Inner Sanctum 50 production, in collaboration with Chi Rho Omicron, Kariktan Dance Company, Barangay Dance Company, Parangal, Likha Pilipino Folk Ensemble, and the American Center of Philippine Arts.

Produced by: Kat Abad and Johan Casal
Directed by: Johan Casal
Playwright by: Jerome Pacho
Screenplay by: Johan Casal
Lead Director of Photography: Ken Francis Villa and Johnny Perez
Original Music by; Thomas Abadines, Eugene Pastor, Jennelyn Quinto
Original Score by: Darioush Mackani
Trailer Edited by: Johan Casal
Logo Animation by: Marley Carter

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