Lucas Pope’s Mars After Midnight hits the Playdate console on March 12

Panic just held a games showcase revealing over a dozen upcoming exclusives. The company also announced a March 12 release date for the long-anticipated Mars After Midnight, which is likely the console’s first marquee title.

Mars After Midnight is a game created by renowned developer Lucas Pope, the guy behind Papers, Please and Return of the Obra Dinn. Both of these titles were and

Mars After Midnight looks to take a few cues from Papers, Please, as you play as a door guard of an alien colony tasked with letting people in. The lo-res graphics look stunning, which is a calling card of both Pope and the Playdate itself. It also makes use of the console’s adorable little crank.

However, Lucas Pope’s latest creation wasn’t the only news to come from today’s presentation. Panic also showed off 16 games that are scheduled to hit the platform “in 2024 and beyond.” These include a cool-looking rogue-like/golf hybrid called Faraway Fairway, the pixel-art brawler Midnight Raider and a sci-fi RPG named For Home, among 13 others.

Company CEO Cabel Sasser also took the time to reiterate that the Playdate console is with no wait times. This was a long time coming and Panic says it has finally “caught up” with the more than 70,000 preorders.

The Playdate online store, called the Catalog, is approaching its one-year anniversary. To celebrate, Panic is holding its first-ever storewide sale from March 7 to March 14. Many of the so console owners will likely have a field day here.

For the uninitiated, the Playdate is a It’s cute and bright yellow, with a manually-operated crank that’s used as an additional control mechanism in many games. Each $200 console comes with 24 free titles, with two unlocking each week for 12 weeks.

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