List of Upcoming New Shows With No Known Airdate *Updated 18th November 2023* : Show Count 174

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One thing we’ve been asked over the years is to have a list of all the new
shows, that we will be covering, that don’t yet have a known airdate.

If you find any shows below that does have an airdate, please let us know in the
comments so we can update our records etc

Newly added shows in BOLD.

ABC – High Potential

AMC – National Anthem

AMC – Nautilus

AMC – Orphan Black: Echoes

AMC – The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live

AMCPlus – The Driver

AppleTV – Bad Monkey

AppleTV – Before

AppleTV – Brother from Another Mother

AppleTV – Chief of War

AppleTV – Constellation

AppleTV – Dark Matter (AppleTV)

AppleTV – Disclaimer

AppleTV – Ferrari

AppleTV – Firebug

AppleTV – Hedy Lamarr

AppleTV – Lady In The Lake

AppleTV – Land of Women

AppleTV – Manhunt

AppleTV – Mere Mortals

AppleTV – Mrs. American Pie

AppleTV – Presumed Innocent

AppleTV – Sinking Spring

AppleTV – Sugar

AppleTV – Sunny

AppleTV – The Big Cigar

AppleTV – The Last Frontier

AppleTV – The Savant

AppleTV – The Sting

AppleTV – The White Darkness

AppleTV – Time Bandits

AppleTV – Wycaro

CBS – Matlock

CBS – Poppa’s House

CW – The Librarians: The Next Chapter

DisneyPlus – A Thousand Blows

DisneyPlus – Agatha: Darkhold Diaries

DisneyPlus – Daredevil: Born Again

DisneyPlus – Ironheart

DisneyPlus – Lando

DisneyPlus – Last Days Of The Space Age

DisneyPlus – Rangers of the New Republic

DisneyPlus – Rivals

DisneyPlus – Shardlake

DisneyPlus – Spider-Man: Freshman Year

DisneyPlus – Star Wars: Skeleton Crew

DisneyPlus – The Acolyte

DisneyPlus – Wonder Man

DisneyPlus – X-Men 97

FOX – Doc

FOX – Rescue: HI-Surf

Freeform – While You Were Breeding

Freevee – Beyond Black Beauty

Freevee – Classified

Freevee – Clean Slate

Freevee – Cruel Intentions

Freevee – Dinner With The Parents

Freevee – Inside No. 9

Freevee – The Pradeeps of Pittsburgh

FX – American Love Story

FX – American Sports Story

FX – The Scent of Burnt Flowers

FX – The Sterling Affairs

FX on Hulu – Shogun

FX on Hulu – The Veil

HBO – A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

HBO – Gorilla and the Bird

HBO – The Franchise

HBO – The Perfect Nanny

HBO – The Regime

HBO – The Son (HBO)

HBO – The Sympathizer

HBO – Unruly

Hulu – Alien

Hulu – Career Opportunities in Murder and Mayhem

Hulu – Death And Other Details

Hulu – Deli Boys

Hulu – Interior Chinatown

Hulu – The Island

Hulu – The Plot

Hulu – Under the Bridge

Hulu – Washington Black

Hulu – We Were the Lucky Ones

max – Blair

max – Booster Gold

max – Dune: The Sisterhood

max – Duster

max – Harry Potter

max – Justice League Dark

max – Lanterns

max – Paradise Lost

max – Subject To Change

max – The Girl on the Bus

max – The Penguin

max – The Westing Game

max – Waller

max – Welcome To Derry

MGMPlus – Emperor of Ocean Park

MGMPlus – Hotel Cocaine

MGMPlus – Silk: Spider Society

NBC – Dr. Wolf

NBC – Extended Family

NBC – St. Denis Medical

Netflix – A Man in Full

Netflix – American Primeval

Netflix – Baby Reindeer

Netflix – Black Doves

Netflix – Bodkin

Netflix – Dead Boy Detectives

Netflix – Department Q

Netflix – Eric

Netflix – Forever (Netflix)

Netflix – Kaos

Netflix – Kings of America

Netflix – Man On Fire

Netflix – Monsters: The Lyle and Erik Menendez Story

Netflix – No Good Deed

Netflix – One Day

Netflix – Ripley

Netflix – Senna

Netflix – Supacell

Netflix – Super Crooks

Netflix – Tall Pines

Netflix – The 39 Steps

Netflix – The Abandons

Netflix – The Corps

Netflix – The Decameron

Netflix – The Fuck It Bucket

Netflix – The Gentleman

Netflix – The Madness

Netflix – The Overstory

Netflix – The Residence

Netflix – White Stork

Netflix – Zero Day

Paramount – 6666

ParamountPlus – Dungeons and Dragons

ParamountPlus – Flashdance

ParamountPlus – Happy Face

ParamountPlus – Insomnia

ParamountPlus – Land Man

ParamountPlus – Star Trek: Starfleet Academy

ParamountPlus – Suspect: The Shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes

ParamountPlus – The Serial Killer’s Wife

peacock – Apples Never Fall

peacock – Battlestar Galactica

peacock – Hysteria

peacock – Those About To Die

peacock – Wiped Out

Prime Video – All Stars

Prime Video – Anansi Boys

Prime Video – Blade Runner 2099

Prime Video – Butterfly

Prime Video – Cross

Prime Video – Crystal Lake

Prime Video – Dirty Diana

Prime Video – Etoile

Prime Video – God Of War

Prime Video – Hive

Prime Video – Just Cause

Prime Video – Kay Scarpetta

Prime Video – Last Known Position

Prime Video – My Lady Jane

Prime Video – Nancy Wu Done It

Prime Video – On Call

Prime Video – The Bondsman

Prime Video – Things I Know To Be True

Prime Video – Unknown

Prime Video – We Were Liars

Showtime – A Gentleman In Moscow

Showtime – Blackbird: Lena Horne and America

Showtime – Dexter: Origins

Starz – Outlander: Blood Of My Blood

Starz – The Hunting Wives

Starz – Three Women

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