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Less Than 1 in 6 Movies To Be Directed by Women in 2024 


Women will only be directing 14.4% of the movies in 2024. That’s less than 1 in 6, of confirmed movie releases this year directed solely by women. On the other hand, 82.7% of movies are set to be directed by men. And 2.8% feature both male and female directors.

The research, conducted by NoDeposit365, considered 104 movies that are confirmed to release in 2024, to find the percentage of movies directed by men, women or a combination of the two. 

They found that across these titles, only 14.4% will be directed by women – just 15 out of the 104 movies. Interestingly, two of those included are Marvel films – Madame Web (S.J Clarkson), and Venom 3 (Kelly Marcel). Madame Web also primarily features an all-women lead cast including Dakota Johnson, Syndey Sweeney, and Emma Roberts. 

Sam Taylor-Johnson’s biographical movie Back to Black is also releasing this yea. The film will detail the life and music of the late Amy Winehouse. 

Movies with women directors releasing this year: 

Movie   Director  Release Date 
I.S.S  Gabriela Cowperthwaite  January 26th 2024 
Origin  Ava DuVernay  January 26th 2024 
Miller’s Girl  Jade Halley Bartlett  January 26th 2024 
Sometimes I Think About Dying  Rachel Lambert  January 26th 2024 
Lisa Frankenstein  Zelda Williams  February 9th 2024 
Willie and Me  Eva Hassman  February 9th 2024 
Madame Web  S.J. Clarkson  February 14th 2024 
Shayda  Noora Niaseri  March 1st 2024 
Love Lies Bleeding  Rose Glass  March 8th 2024 
The First Omen  Arkasha Stevenson  April 5th 2024 
The Feeling That the Time for Doing Something Has Passed  Joanna Arnow  April 26th 2024 
Back to Black  Sam Taylor-Johnson  May 10th 2024 
My Ex-Friend’s Wedding  Kay Cannon  May 10th 2024 
The Watchers  Ishana Shyamalan  June 7th 2024 
Venom 3  Kelly Marcel  November 8th 2024 

A staggering 82.7% of upcoming titles (82 out of 104) are set to be directed by men this year. Action and horror films will take up the largest portion. This includes the eagerly anticipated Dune: Part Two (Denis Villeneuve) and Joker: Folie à Deux (Todd Phillips). 

In terms of a collaboration between men and women, only 3 out of 104 movies (2.8%) had both as directors. These titles include the recently released remake of Mean Girls (Samantha Jayne, Arturo Perez Jr). Also, Kung Fu Panda 4 (Mike Mitchell, Stephanie Stine). And Horrorscope (Spencer Cohen, Anna Halberg). 

Olivia King, a spokesperson from NoDeposit365 said, “For a long time, filmmaking was perceived as a domain predominantly occupied by male directors, but this perception is clearly an outdated stereotype.  The presence of women in directorial roles is crucial for establishing positive role models, considering that women constitute a significant proportion of the film industry. Although there has been a shift towards inclusivity for women directors in recent years, these findings evidence that there is still a large disparity in opportunities available to women wanting to direct feature length films.”  

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Using the sources linked below, we looked at 104 confirmed movies releasing this year (2024). From here we looked on IMDB at the directors to see if they are male, female, or a collaboration of the two.  

The number of directors was then calculated into a percentage. 

Full list of movies and directors: 

Movie   Director  Gender 
Mean Girls  Samantha Jayne and Arturo Perez Jr  Female, Male 
I.S.S  Gabriela Cowperthwaite  Female 
Origin  Ava DuVernay  Female 
Miller’s Girl  Jade Halley Bartlett  Female 
Sometimes I Think About Dying  Rachel Lambert  Female 
Lisa Frankenstein  Zelda Williams  Female 
Willie and Me  Eva Hassman  Female 
Madame Web  S.J. Clarkson  Female 
Shayda  Noora Niaseri  Female 
Kung Fu Panda 4  Stephanie Stine,  Mike Mitchell  Female, Male 
Love Lies Bleeding  Rose Glass  Female 
The Feeling That the Time For Doing Something Has Passed  Joanna Arnow  Female 
The First Omen  Arkasha Stevenson  Female 
Back to Black  Sam Taylor-Johnson  Female 
Horrorscope  Anna Halberg,  Spencer Cohen   Female, Male 
My Ex-Friend’s Wedding  Kay Cannon  Female 
The Watchers  Ishana Shyamalan  Female 
Venom 3  Kelly Marcel  Female 
Race for Glory: Audi v Lancia  Stefano Mordini  Male 
He Went That Way  Jeffrey Darling  Male 
Memory  Michel Franco  Male 
Freud’s Last Session  Matt Brown  Male 
The Book of Clarence  Jeymes Samuel  Male 
Founders Day  Erik Bloomquist  Male 
Sunrise  Andrew Baird  Male 
The Beekeeper  David Ayer  Male 
Bring Him to Me  Luke Sparke  Male 
American Star  Gonzalo López-Gallego  Male 
Cult Killer  Jon Keeyes  Male 
The Tiger’s Apprentice  Raman Hui,  Yong Duk Jhun, Paul Watling  Male 
Which Brings Me to You  Peter Hutchings  Male 
Bob Marley: One Love  Reinaldo Marcus Green  Male 
Argylle  Matthew Vaughn  Male 
The Promised Land  Nikolaj Arcel  Male 
Migration  Benjamin Renner, Guylo Homsy  Male 
Drift  Anthony Chen  Male 
Marmalade  Keir O’Donnell  Male 
Monolith  Matt Vesley  Male 
Land of Bad  William Eubank  Male 
About Dry Grasses  Nuri Bilge Ceylan  Male 
Drive-Away Dolls  Ethan Coen  Male 
Ordinary Angels  Jon Gunn  Male 
Camp Pleasant Lake  Thomas Walton  Male 
Femme  Sam H. Freeman, Ng Choon Ping  Male, Male 
Right Hand Red  Eshom Nelms,  Ian Nelms  Male, Male 
Dune: Part Two  Denis Villenevue  Male 
Cabrini  Alejandro Monteverde  Male 
Imaginary  Jeff Wadlow  Male 
Mickey 17  Bong Joon Ho  Male 
The American Society of Magical Negroes  Kobi Libii  Male 
Arthur the King  Simon Cellan Jones  Male 
Sleeping Dogs  Adam Cooper  Male 
Dogman  Luc Bessan  Male 
Peter Five Eight  Michael Zaiko Hall  Male 
Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey 2  Rhys Frake-Waterfield  Male 
Ghostbursters: The Frozen Empire  Gil Kenan  Male 
Godziller x Kong: The New Empire  Adam Wingard  Male 
Musica  Rudy Mancuso  Male 
The Ark and the Ardvark  John Stevenson  Male 
Housekeeping for Beginners  Goran Stolevski  Male 
The Ministry of  Ungentlemanly Warfare  Guy Ritchie  Male 
Abigail  Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett  Male, Male 
Civil War  Alex Garland  Male 
Challengers  Luca Guadagnino  Male 
Unsung Hero  Richard L. Ramsey, Joel Smallbone  Male, Male 
The Fall Guy  David Leitch  Male 
IF  John Krasinski  Male 
The Strangers: Part One  Renny Harlin  Male 
Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga  George Miller  Male 
Kingdom of the Planet of  the Apes  Wes Ball  Male 
The Garfield Movie  Mark Dinal  Male 
Ballerina  Les Wiseman  Male 
Firebrand  Karim Aïnouz  Male 
The Bikeriders  Jeff Nichols  Male 
Inside Out 2  Kelsey Mann  Male 
It Ends with Us  Justin Baldoni  Male 
A Quiet Place: Day One  Michael Sarnoski  Male 
Despicable Me 4  Chris Renaud, Patrick Delage  Male, Male 
Mufasa: The Lion King  Barry Jenkins  Male 
Twisters  Lee Isaac Chung  Male 
Deadpool 3  Shawn Levy  Male 
Trap  M. Night Shyamalan  Male 
Harald and the Purple Crayon  Carlos Saldanha  Male 
Speak No Evil  James Watkins  Male 
Borderlands  Eli Roth  Male 
Wolfs  Jon Watts  Male 
Alien: Romulus  Fede Alvarez  Male 
Kraven the Hunter  J. C. Chandor  Male 
The Wild Robot  Chris Sanders  Male 
Beetlejuice 2  Tim Burton  Male 
Transformers One  Josh Cooley  Male 
Saw XI  Kevin Greutert  Male 
Joker: Folie A Deux  Todd Phillips  Male 
Smile 2  Parker Finn  Male 
Terrifier 3  Damien Leone  Male 
The Wolf Man  Leigh Wannall  Male 
The Amateur  James Hawes  Male 
Alto Knights  Barry Levinson  Male 
Gladiator 2  Ridley Scott  Male 
Wicked: Part One  Jon M. Chu  Male 
Lord of the Rings: War of the Rohirim  Kenji Kamiyama  Male 
Karate Kid  Jonathan Entwistle  Male 
Sonic the Hedgehog 3  Jeff Fowler  Male 
Nosferatu  Robert Eggers  Male 


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