Lenovo’s sci-fi see-through laptop, Nintendo versus emulators and more


We’re back, having had to say goodbye and part with some great coworkers friends here at Engadget last week. Since then, we’ve covered everything at note at MWC 2024, including some sci-fi-level concepts from Lenovo that may never make it to stores but can still, well, hold our desensitized tech journalist’s attention. Meanwhile, Nintendo is, once again, taking emulators and pirates to task in the courts. But this time could prove crucial for the future of emulators. A reminder: Nintendo’s new console is set to launch in 2025. Coming up next week, Engadget’s 20th anniversary. We’re older than YouTube!

This week:

💻🛸: Lenovo’s concept laptop looks like a Star Trek prop:

🏴‍☠️🎮: Nintendo steps up its fight against game piracy:

💃📞: The Barbie phone debuts at MWC 2024

Read this:

I write reviews too! Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth takes the characters and world reintroduced with Remake and does a better job at scaling it all up. Instead of playing in a single city, this time, it’s a world tour. There’s also an expanded roster of playable characters, almost doubling Remake’s total. But there’s only one big question: Does Aerith survive?

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