KitchenAid Food Grinder Accessory Only $29.88 on Amazon or (Reg. $60)

hand using kitchenaid food grinder with meat pouring into bowl

Amazon has a deal for your KitchenAid!

Head over to Amazon or where you can grab a KitchenAid Attachment Food Grinder Accessory for only $29.88 (regularly $59.99)!

This food grinder easily attaches to any KitchenAid stand mixer so you can grind meats, hard cheeses, and more! Simply attach it and let the stand mixer do the rest!

Here’s what reviewers are saying…

We often use ground pork in our food, this one really makes my life a lot easier, no more noisy chopping of meat on the board. I was skeptical about the plastic shell in the beginning but it turned out this is all good. The hard plastic is just the shell, the grinding part and the axle is metal, the whole thing is very solid with high quality. Plus, it’s very easy to clean after use.

I chose the plastic unit because it cleans better than the metal ones. The metal ones I have seen reviews where they leave residue behind and I don’t want that on my meat! The plastic one has SMOOTH sidewalls on the tubes and that makes cleaning it up a breeze. Fill the sink with soapy water and make sure to run through the corner and spirals really well. It works great!

I decided to try this grinder because I was having trouble consistently finding ground chuck at the grocery and the butcher shop. I thought it might be easier to just buy a chuck roast, trim some of the fat, and then grind it myself. Turned out to be easier than I had hoped for and a pretty good way to get the mix (chuck, sirloin, and skirt steak) for some great hamburgers on the grill. I highly recommended it.

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