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Jennifer Lopez Recommends That Everyone Watch Ted Lasso


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Is Jennifer Lopez a Ted Lasso fan? Yeeeeeeaahh she is! “I know I’m a little late to the party but … I feel like it’s one of my missions in life to let everybody know about Ted Lasso,” she wrote in her On the JLo newsletter (which, fun fact, is also where she broke the news of her latest engagement to Ben Affleck). According to JLo, she’s “obsessed” with the Jason Sudeikis-led Apple TV+ series and can’t count how many times she’s rewatched it. While she’s already promoted the show on her Instagram, JLo wants to maximize her reach. “I’ve turned everybody I know onto it,” she wrote in her newsletter. “Every time I meet someone new, I just say ‘have you seen Ted Lasso!?’ If you guys haven’t seen it, you should give it a chance. You can thank me later.” Her love appears to be reciprocated; viewers might remember that Ted Lasso shouted JLo out by name in season two, when Coach Lasso explained his “rom-communism” philosophy. A release date hasn’t been announced for the confirmed next season of Ted Lasso yet, so we expect that should leave an ample amount of time for JLo to keep spreading the good word.

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