I Hate Booking Celebrity Comedians


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🎬 Producing a Comedy Show: https://youtu.be/HB1Wb0sNGGQ

This video I’m showing you my experiencing booking a famous/celebrity comedian for one of my comedy shows and how difficult the process is and how that changed my relationship the venue owner who was already trying to work me over.

It’s always been my dream to work with a full time experienced, and in this case famous, comedian who I admired and this was my opportunity. I booked him, secured the venue and everything however outside forced decided to make this comedy show a brutal nightmare for me, someone who at the time was very new to producing comedy shows. It has a happy ending though.

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0:00 The Problem with Celebrity Comedians
0:43 Making a deal to do the show
1:30 How to make the show successful (get a famous comedian)
2:18 Getting a Date
3:58 Booking a Famous Comedian
5:10 A Few Demands
6:23 The Famous Comedian Breaks My Heart
7:51 My Friends Marc Saves Me
9:56 Confronting the Owner
12:15 A Second Shot at Fame

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