History underneath New York City


New York’s underground is home to many buried treasures.

At Prince and Mulberry streets in Nolita sits the old St. Patrick’s Cathedral, a 200-year-old history-laden structure above ground and beneath. The church’s catacombs are a time capsule of a New York from centuries ago.

Here lie the remains of many notable New Yorkers. Among them are Francis Delmonico, patriarch of the Delmonico family that’s known for the restaurant and food industry, and Andrew Carrigan, a founding officer of emigrant industrial savings bank.

The old City Hall subway station is just off the 6 train line. The station first opened in 1904 but is long since abandoned. The tiles on the curved ceiling are the original ones. The MTA has gone to great lengths to keep the station well preserved.

These are just two examples of what’s under New York. Most of the areas are unknown to the public, which some historians feel is a shame because they offer a glimpse into the past of the city we all love.


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