‘Funny Girl’ Lea Michele Sings in Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade


Game face.
Photo: Taylor Hill/WireImage

SPOTTED: Lea Michele singing “Don’t Rain on My Parade” in the streets of midtown, the best place for that particular brassy anthem. Michele and the cast of Funny Girl practiced the number on the evening of November 22 outside of the flagship Macy’s Herald Square in advance of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and video footage of the scene has over 100,000 likes on TikTok at the time of publishing. As Vulture editor [redacted] said, “You know she’s a good singer because she’s a terrible lip syncer.”

You must be asking, “What makes this Lea Michele performance of ‘Don’t Rain on My Parade’ different from all other Lea Michele performances of ‘Don’t Rain on My Parade’?” Well, she’s put a little holiday spin on the track, subbing the “Mr. Arnstein” lyric for “Hey Mister Macy’s, here I am!” This has haunted me all day. I do not know why she went for “Mister Macy’s” instead of “Mr. Macy.” There is no Mister Macy’s. There is not a soul on earth with the surname Macy’s. Names are generally not possessive, unless you’re talking O’, and that’s a prefix, so it’s a whole other thing. Right? Am I wrong? Does “Mister Macy’s” sound normal to you? Am I obsessing? Am I playing right into Michele’s trap? Guess we’ll all have to tune in to the parade on NBC to find out.

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