Full SpoilerTV Pilot Watch Spreadsheet *Updated 27th February 2024*


Update: 16th March 2023 Shows that were rejected over a year ago are now removed from the Pilot Watch

Update: 8th December 2022 Once a show has started airing, it is now removed from the Pilot Watch

Update: 14th October 2021 We’ve added a new status called “Presumed Dead”. This is for pilots where we’ve had no news for over 2 years.

Update: 10th February 2021 We’ve improved the table so that it works better on mobile and has pagination that you can change to suit your screen size etc.

Update: 2nd September 2020 We updated the table below in preparation of the New Season. We’ve removed previously rejected shows and removed shows that have been ordered to series. We’ve added links to historical tables later in the post.

Update: 9th July 2020 We’ve updated our Pilot Watch Table with a new Interactive Version. The new table below allows the following functionality.

1) Clicking on the Column Headers will sort by that column
2) Entering text into any of the Input boxes in the column headers will filters rows that match your text. eg typing ABC into the network column will show only ABC shows. Typing Mystery into the Description column will find all shows that have the word Mystery in their description.
3) Filtering also works across columns eg Typing Recent into the Status Column and FOX in the Network column will show all the Recent FOX entries.

Any questions, problems please let us know in the comments.

Below is the full list of known pilots for the new Pilot Season We’ll be doing our best to keep this continually updated as and when new information is posted and new pilots are confirmed. We’ll also be updating this to indicate when a show is picked up to Series and when the show is cancelled/abandoned.

If you have any new info or spot any errors or omissions please let us know in the comments.

Also feel free to let us know in the comments below which Pilots interest you and which ones you think will Bomb!

You can view a full screen version here.

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