Five of the best games based on the Flintstones

One of the most well-known cartoons shows ever created and with one of the most well-known catchphrases ever in Yabba Dabba Doo, the Flintstones is a household name all around the world. Originally released in 1960, the flintstones was an instant hit with fans. The show ran for 6 years producing over 150 episodes which are still shown on tv to this day. Naturally with such a successful and popular show, there are games created around it to capture the love of the show.
In this list, we’ll be looking at some of the best games based around the hit show The Flintstones and which ones are the best to try for true fans of the show.

1. The flintstones, bring back bedrock

Originally released in 2014 and developed by Ludia for iPhone and android. In bring back bedrock, their town has been destroyed by meteorites and players must help Fred and Barney rebuild the town.

Players can design the Flintstones house room by room, choosing different furniture and decorations their way along with obtaining different animals that can be used for various tasks. Along the way, players will have to remove the meteorites using city gizmosaurs to clean up each district. Once you’ve completely cleared one area, you can move onto the next one.

You can download this game on your android easily here.

2. The Flintstones slot machine

In this wonderful slot game, the Flintstones slot machine, you join Fred, Barney and all the gang to spin slot machines all the way back in the stone age. Set at the standard three-reel mode, it will feel like you’re back in the 60’s reliving the show as if you were watching for the first time again! You can play The Flintstones free slots game at jackpot party, with the classic 3-reel slot setting.

With the possibility of winning up to 200 times your bet multiplier, you’ll wish you’d gone back in time much sooner. With help from Dino who will randomly give you prizes and multipliers to help you whilst you play, you’ll be feeling like you’re in the show.

3. The flintstones – rescue of dino and hoppy

Released on the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) in 1991, this sideways scroller had you play as Fred trying to free his and Barney’s pets Dino and Hoppy. You’re tasked with obtaining parts for a time machine to help your alien friend. Along the way you can pick up new weapons and abilities.

One of the first games released for the franchise, it’s a true classic that has nostalgic fans going back and playing again and again due to its similar style to such games as Mario and Sonic the hedgehog. If you want to give this game a go, you may have to pay a pretty penny as it’s a collector’s item now.
There are however some online renditions of the game that you can give a go.

4. The flintstones, burgertime in bedrock

Released in 2000 for the Gameboy colour, sees both Fred and Barney take up new jobs working in a burger restaurant called Bronto King. The aim of the game is to get through all the levels by making burgers for customers, some levels more difficult than others with more customers and harder orders.

The game is a remake of the game burgertime which came out in 1982. This game featured the same game mechanics but wasn’t based around the flintstones. However to play this game you would have to dig out your Gameboy colour.

5. The flintstones in viva rock Vegas

Following the hype of such games as Mario kart, developers Zombie released the game the Flintstones in viva rock vegas, a racing game where you were put against other characters from the tv show in various vehicles. There were nine vehicles to choose from and eight tracks to race on.

Although there was never a second release of the game, it’s still held close to players hearts as one of the only Flintstones racing games and an absolute classic.

Although these were our top five games, we feel it’s only right to list some honourable mentions that didn’t quite make our list. The Flintstones: bedrock racing which was released on PlayStation 2 in 2007. The Flintstones’ big trouble in bedrock was released for the Gameboy advance in 2001. The Flintstones, the treasure of Sierra bedrock released in 1994 for the super Nintendo entertainment system.

The Flintstones is an absolute classic tv show, one fans have loved and adored all around the world for many years. Despite being released over sixty years ago, the tv show still holds up today, which shows as they have been making games around the show as late as 2014. There was talk of a reboot series on FOX, whilst there hasn’t been a new game for ten years, the ones we already have are absolute classics and generational games that can be played over and over and still hold up today. Hopefully the new reboot will bring talk of new games.

Having read through the above list, which game will you be picking up first?

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