Fashion Bomber of the Week: Lexson Millington from Toronto

Happy Sunday, Bombers and Bombshells, we’re back with another men’s style highlight. This week, we’re shouting out the dynamite style of Toronto’s Lexson Millington.

Born in the Caribbean, Millington grew up on the vibrant island of Saint Vincent before migrating to Toronto, Canada with his family. His parents, once boutique owners, exposed him to varying styles of the Caribbeans and the Americas. However, it seems one stylish era ruled his world more than most: the 70s.

Inspired by musical greats like André 3000 and Tyler the Creator, Millington takes a joyful approach to dressing, often clothing himself in dopamine-inducing color pallets and ultra-groovy accessories. He keeps a well-curated collection of flared trousers, loves a tie, and knows a thing or two about a good heeled boot.

With his signature fro ––sometimes braided back and finished with black beads–– Lexson Millington brings a contemporary and modern feel to one of the most prominent decades in fashion.

Photo: Vonny Lorde

If you’re interested in being featured as a Fashion Bomber of the Week: DM Fashion Bomb Men 5-10 photos of your best looks alongside your name, city and a brief bio on your style. 

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