Famous Celebrities Who Died In Their 80s


Celebrities who live such long lives many times cross generational boundaries, providing a shared cultural experience between grandparents and grandchildren, parents and children, and beyond. However, when they die, despite having lived long lives, we are still left feeling as though it weren’t enough time and that they’re gone too soon.

These celebrities, many times, have been in the public eye for decades and leave a legacy behind that many could only hope to achieve in our lifetime. These people remind us to always strive to make the best of time no matter how long we live. Here are famous celebrities who died in their 80s.

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Paul Newman | 0:00
Alex Trebek | 1:24
Little Richard | 2:40
Joan Rivers | 3:47
Mary Tyler Moore | 5:01
James Stewart | 5:57
Neil Armstrong | 7:21
Ruth Bader Ginsburg | 8:42
Hank Aaron | 10:10
Frank Sinatra | 11:05

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