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Taylor Swift and Abigail Anderson have been best buds since high school. The friends have remained close since they first met, and Abigail was even credited as the inspiration behind the pop singer’s hit song “Fifteen.” Keep reading to learn more about Abigail, her job, friendship with Taylor and more! 

Who Is Abigail Anderson? 

Fans recognized that “redhead named Abigail” lyric in “Fifteen” is the music artist’s best friend. They met on the first day of freshmen year in English class at Hendersonville High School in Tennessee. Since then, the two have remained friends and have been seen attending award shows and high-profile events together. Abigail has even attended the Grammy Awards with Taylor. 

Though Swifities didn’t know much about her for years, they got a glimpse at Abigail in several of Taylor’s music videos, including “Fifteen,” “Picture to Burn” and “New Romantics.” Fans later got to know Abigail better when she appeared in Taylor’s Netflix documentary, Miss Americana, where the dynamic duo caught up by having an at-home dinner. 

Apart from her connection to the “Bad Blood” singer, Abigail was known as a competitive swimmer in high school. She chased her dream by attending the University of Kansas, where she was one of the top swimmers on their team. 

What Is Abigail Anderson’s Job? 

The former athlete currently works as the chief of staff for corporate development at the payment technology company Celero Commerce. Previously, Abigail worked for the nonprofit organization Patriot Angels, which was dedicated to providing pension and financial assistance for World War II veterans and their spouses. 

Is Abigail Anderson Married? 

In 2017, Abigail married her now-ex-husband, Matt Lucier. Taylor served as one of Abigail’s bridesmaids for the wedding. However, the marriage ultimately didn’t last, and Abigail and Matt separated in 2021. 

One year after announcing her split from Matt, Abigail tied the knot with her second husband, Charles Berard, who also works at Celero Commerce. It is still unclear whether or not Taylor attended her pal’s 2022 wedding.

Are Taylor Swift and Abigail Anderson Still Friends? 

As of 2023, it appears the BFFs continued their friendship. After Taylor started dating her current boyfriend, Travis Kelce, Abigail subtly showed her support by “liking” an Instagram post about the duo’s budding relationship.

In May of this year, Abigail wished Taylor a “happy birthday” via Instagram. In her caption, she nodded to Taylor’s song “Fifteen” by writing, “‘Cause when you’re … 33.”

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