Easy Ways to Earn $100+ in Amazon Prime Day Credits

Score easy Amazon Prime Day credits with these genius ideas! Then, use your credits to take advantage of Amazon Prime Day deals!

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Amazon Prime Day is coming! 📦

The Amazon Prime Day 2024 sale is coming sometime in mid-July, and we’re sharing tons of smart and easy ways you can earn over $100 in Amazon Prime Day credits towards your purchases!

Be sure to bookmark our Amazon Prime Day page for all the best deals in 2024!

Here’s how you can earn easy Amazon Prime Day Credits:

1. Submit a Happy Friday story for a chance at a $10 Amazon eGift Card.

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Have an awesome clearance find, a hot Walgreens haul, or an amazing deal that you’re excited about? Send your story to us via our Happy Friday page, and if we post your submission to the site, we’ll send you a $10 Amazon eGift card that you can use on Amazon Prime Day deals – SO easy!

2. Consolidate prepaid cards onto one Amazon gift card.

assortment of cash back and promotional gift cards

If you have an assortment of prepaid cards with leftover money on them, use them to reload your Amazon Gift Card and combine the smaller amounts into one lump sum to spend all in one place.

To do this, head over to Amazon’s gift card reload page and type in whatever remaining balance you have left on your card in the “$ Other” field. Add the card to your cart and head to checkout, then add that prepaid card as your form of payment. Once the transaction is complete, you can delete that card from your account.

For more instructions, check out our detailed post on how to convert Visa gift cards into Amazon cash.

“I took all my prepaid rebate cards that have random small amounts like $2.18 or $4.32 on them and reloaded my Amazon Gift Card balance. It’s so much easier than trying to keep track of the balance and have them charge that exact amount only at the store. I ended up with around $19 more to spend for Prime Day!” 

3. Redeem loose change at Coinstar for Amazon gift cards.

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Want to take advantage of Amazon Prime Day deals? Empty out those pockets, crack open your piggy bank, flip the couch cushions, and bring all your loose change to the nearest Coinstar machine. Upon redemption, choose the Amazon Gift Card payout so you receive the full value of your change and have it ready to spend during the Prime Early Access Sale!

Note that there is a minimum redemption amount of $5, but there’s no fee when you choose the Amazon Gift Card option!

4. Score an instant gift card upon approval of an Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature card.

amazon credit card webpage where you an sign up to get a credit card and gift card to use on amazon prime day deals

If you’re comfortable taking on a new credit card, Amazon is offering Prime Members a $50 gift card when they’re approved for the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card.

If approved, you’ll receive the gift card instantly, and you’ll be able to earn money back with every purchase. Plus, if you’re a frequent Amazon shopper, those rewards really do add up quickly over time!

Plus, with your new card, you’ll receive 3% back at Amazon, Amazon Fresh, Whole Foods Market, and Chase Travel with an eligible Prime membership, 2% back at participating restaurants, gas stations, and local transit (including rideshare), and 1% back on everything else. Best of all, there’s no annual credit card fee! 🤩

Watch for this offer to potentially increase in the near future! Before Prime Day in July, you may remember seeing Prime Members get up to a $200 gift card with their Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card approval. We’ve seen the $200 offer several times before, and we’re hopeful that it might come around again before mid-July. We’ll be sure to keep you posted! 🤞

5. Become a member of the Amazon Shopper Panel to score free Amazon cash. 

hand holding phone with amazon shopper panel balance on screen which can. be used to scoop Amazon prime day deals

Hip2Save readers and team members absolutely LOVE the Amazon Shopper Panel app (iOS | Android), which is a super easy way to earn rewards and keep them coming month after month. *Note that this is available by invitation only, however, you may be added to a waiting list or find that you’ve already been invited when trying to sign up!

There are 3 ways to use this app to earn credits toward your Amazon gift card balance:

  • Opt into ad verification. This will automatically track the ads you see on Amazon and earn you a couple of dollars each month.
  • Take the available surveys. Your credits will automatically be added to your Amazon Shopper Panel account.
  • Download your receipts for purchases made outside of Amazon. When you upload 10 receipts in one month, you’ll earn $10!

All rewards are credited to your Amazon account within the first 48 hours of each month, so you’ll want to get started NOW in order to receive and use them in time for the Prime Early Access Sale in July.

6. Watch for opportunities to earn FREE credits with an Amazon eGift Card purchase.

Amazon Gift Cards in hand

Before, Amazon’s 2023 Prime Day in July, Prime Members could get a $5 Amazon Credit with the purchase of a $50 Amazon eGift Card! This opportunity was available to Members throughout the week leading up to Prime Day.

While we don’t know whether Amazon will offer a similar credit leading up to the July 2024 Prime Day event, we’re certainly hopeful! Sign up for Hip2Save’s text alerts to be among the first to know if this sweet opportunity presents itself again this summer.

7. Look for the chance to score a FREE $5 credit when you spend $10 at Amazon Go.

amazon go store entrance where you can score credits towards amazon prime day deals

If you have an Amazon Go store near you, then you may get an additional opportunity to earn a $5 credit before Prime Day 2024!

During last year’s July Prime Day sale, Prime Members could earn a $5 Amazon Credit for spending $10 at Amazon Go. We don’t know whether this credit will be available again this year, but we hope it will be offered again!

8. Watch for a potential $12 bonus credit for using Amazon Reload.

amazon gift card by purse

Last year, Prime Members could get a $12 gift card bonus credit for reloading an Amazon e-Gift card with $100+ in a single transaction using Amazon Reload.

This offer was available for first-time users only, and we hope that more new users will be able to score this credit this year too.

We can’t guarantee this offer will be back again this year, but we have our fingers crossed!

9. Score a $5 credit when you shop at one of your favorite stores using Buy with Prime.

Amazon Buy With Prime page

Did you know that many popular stores off-Amazon offer the option of paying via Prime? You’ll get the same benefits of ordering Amazon Prime without having to shop on Amazon. Some of the brands that offer this option are BareMinerals, iHealth, Buxom, Cushionaire, and more!

Purchase one item through Buy with Prime and you’ll receive a $5 credit via email. There is no minimum purchase needed to get the credit, but you will need to purchase at least $25 from Amazon to redeem it. The offer is valid through July 7, 2024 which is most likely before Prime Day. However, if you use your credit first, you may have extra cash come Prime Day!

Check out Amazon’s Buy with Prime page for full details!

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