Don Diablo and Major Lazer get ‘Jiggy Woogie’ with Baby Lawd


Don Diablo and Major Lazer get ‘Jiggy Woogie’ with Baby LawdDondiablomajorlazer 1

Bridging the gap between continents and musical styles, Don Diablo and Major Lazer have released their massive new single, “Jiggy Woogie,” featuring the vibrant and viral vocals of Jamaican sensation Baby Lawd. Released on Diablo’s HEXAGON label, the track follows on the heels of Baby Lawd’s original TikTok hit. Last month, “Jiggy Woogie” made its explosive debut at the Untold Festival in Dubai, with Don Diablo and Major Lazer introducing the track to a global audience. The collaboration is a true fusion of sonic diversity, combining the distinct sounds of Don Diablo, Major Lazer, and Baby Lawd into a future global dance anthem. This isn’t the first time Don Diablo has joined forces with a member of Major Lazer; he previously collaborated with Diplo on “Make You Pop” in 2012. But “Jiggy Woogie” marks a first-time collaboration with Major Lazer as a whole playing into the project’s long history of fusion sounds and styles into smash hits.

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