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Digital Marketing: How Publications Increase Revenue In A 'Grow or Die' Environment


Social Media Strategist Kris Ruby CEO of Ruby Media Group recently joined Cheddar live from The New York Stock Exchange to discuss innovative ways the publishing industry is changing the way it looks at revenue and why companies are investing in millennial talent.

In this video, Kris Ruby discusses:

Why a recent study showed a positive outlook for magazine media and what to make of the outlook.

How media companies are taking a new approach to making money

How social media plays a role in media companies making money and if it is truly a reliable revenue source

Beaver Seeds - Get Out and Grow Spring Sasquatch 300x250

How other companies can keep up when Facebook and Google have a combined 57.1% of market share this year

Beaver Seeds - Get Out and Grow Spring Sasquatch 300x250

PLUS the answer to…Is there any money to be made in print or is it all in digital?



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