Brighten Up Your Nest With This Funny Chicken Laying An Egg Lamp (Under $20!)

Light up your coop with this funny chicken laying an egg lamp!

A chicken egg nightlight on a countertop

Do you have a family member who is afraid of the dark? Help them not feel like a chicken once the sun goes down! Gift them this humorous night light that you can scoop up on Amazon for just $18.88!

This cheeky lamp is designed to look like a hen laying an egg. When night falls, this chicken’s bum will illuminate your way to the bathroom or bedroom eggs-it!

Both kids and adults can enjoy this hilarious and peck-uliar lamp. It’s makes the perfect decoration for a modern farmhouse and would be a welcome addition to any hen collector’s nest!

Have we beaked your interest? Here’s the deal on this chicken lamp…

A Chicken Egg Lamp on a countertop near packaging

Made out of resin, this lifelike chicken lamp won’t fade over time. The egg is actually a lightbulb and it gives off a soft and glare-free glow that won’t hurt your eyes late at night. We love that it’s rechargeable. If you run out of juice, just charge it with the included USB cord. It easily plugs into a computer.

This wee little hen stands 6″ high and weighs less than a pound. Move it around your home, as needed. It may be small, but for many, it gives off just the right amount of light.

Snag one (or a flock) for yourself or use it as a novelty gift and present it to someone you love.

the lightbulb in a chicken egg night light

These customers think this night light is impeckable

“My goodness this is a cute lamp. It’s not huge so the quirkiness isn’t in your face. It even comes with a little fuzzy chick. I am buying several more, I need a flock of these!”

“My chicken lamp came today! I absolutely love it! At about 6 inches tall, she’s the perfect size to sit on my desk and with the USB plug I can plug her into the computer so she can light up any dreary work day!!”

“I bought this and paired it with a pair of chicken leg printed knee high socks for a white elephant exchange. It was a fun gift that can actually be used afterwards. Smaller than anticipated(check the measurements!)”

“I recently purchased this Lifelike Resin Chicken Egg Night Light as a gift for my grandmother, who has an impressive collection of chicken-related items. She was absolutely thrilled with it! It’s a delightful addition to her collection and an instant hit. This night light is not only a charming decor piece but also emits a warm and comforting glow. I highly recommend it to anyone who has a penchant for chickens or is looking for a unique and fun gift. It’s sure to bring a smile to any chicken enthusiast’s face!”

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