Boil water advisory lifted in Jackson, Missisippi


Residents of Jackson, Miss., can finally use their tap water after 45 days under a boil water advisory.

The warning had been in place since July 29 in the city of 150,000 people. In late August, Jackson’s entire water system failed, leaving tens of thousands of people without running water.

The National Guard and other groups distributed an estimated 12 million bottles of water during the crisis, ABC News reported.

Jackson has been hamstrung by consistent water problems for years, and residents have been forced to get used to boil water advisories due to frequent infrastructure failures.

But this summer’s disaster was unique because flooding overwhelmed pumps at the city’s water treatment facility, and much of the city was left without any running water, clean or dirty.

In early September, after water pressure had been restored, residents were told to keep their mouths closed while showering.

Though the boil water advisory was lifted, state leaders stressed that Jackson’s water system is still in a state of disrepair.

“It is possible, although I pray not inevitable, that there will be further interruptions,” Gov. Tate Reeves said. “We cannot perfectly predict what may go wrong with such a broken system in the future.”

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