Bisaria delivers stunning spin on Hans Zimmer’s Dune soundtrack

Bisaria delivers stunning spin on Hans Zimmer’s Dune soundtrackBisari

With Dune 2 already earning itself the title of highest rated movie on IMDB in history, the buzz around director Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation of Frank Herbert’s classic has reached a fever pitch.

Enter Bisaria, the LA based artist whose Indian background is the perfect foil to the bombastic Hans Zimmer score from the first film. On this mesmerizing reinterpretation of Hans Zimmer’s “Gom Jabbar,” Bisaria infuses it with a deep, tribal intensity. Known for incorporating Indian elements into his music, the re-imagining stands out with its guttural screams, gradually intensifying percussion, and the distinctive sound of a sitar, crafting an experience that’s both haunting and captivating.

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