Best Bamboo Bed Sheets Like 5-Star, But Motel Budget

Shop the best bamboo bed sheets on the market. 

woman fluffing white sheet on bed

I found the only sheets your bed should have. Find out why I can’t stop raving about the best bamboo bed sheets that feel like they are from a 5-star hotel – on a motel budget!

Introducing Quince Bamboo Sheets. (AKA: the sheets your non-sheet-loving partner won’t be kicking off the bed.)

woman sitting on bed with bamboo white sheets

Quince Bamboo Sheet Setstarting at $89.90 shipped (traditional retail $169+) 

*This set includes a top sheet, a fitted sheet, & pillowcases (1 for twin & 2 for full-king)

Quince Bamboo Fitted Sheet Setstarting at $59.90 shipped

*This set includes a fitted sheet & pillowcases (1 for twin & 2 for full-king)

I’ve been loving the brand Quince and these luxurious sheets are just one of many products I’ve recently fallen head over heels for. Since I’ve already raved about my Quince cashmere sweater, Quince luggage (that looks identical to Away), and other Quince bedding from my luxury bedding for less post, it was no surprise I had to share about these sheets when I got my hands on them.

After hearing our Hip CEO, Collin, rave about them after she bought them for her beach rental, I was even more excited about trying these bamboo sheets!

bed made with white sheets and comforter

Bamboo sheets are known for their softness, ultra-smooth texture, and unparalleled breathability. They’re also hypoallergenic and naturally repel dust mites and other allergens, making them an excellent choice for individuals with sensitive skin or allergies.

I’ve always loved the thought of owning a luxurious set of bamboo sheets, but they typically come at a very high cost. (Hundreds, in fact, when considering popular brands like Cozy Earth bamboo sheets and Cariloha bamboo sheets).

Why are bamboo sheets normally so expensive?

hand holding a quince tag on white bamboo sheets

The advanced technology and skilled craftsmanship for processing bamboo sheets typically mean a much higher cost compared to materials like cotton. Plus, it’s one of the planet’s most resource-efficient materials which in turn drives up the cost as people demand more economical and sustainable products.

What I love about Quince is that they cut out the middleman. Their products are shipped directly from factories, with minimal packaging and corporate overheads.

Plain and simple, Quince offers the quality products you’re looking for at fair and extremely competitive pricing.

What’s more, Quince uses organic bamboo, which similar brands can’t even compete with. 👏🏻 It’s no wonder they’re on the Sleep Foundation’s top list of best bamboo sheets.

hand holding up pillowcase cover on quince pillow

I wish everyone could feel a picture through a screen because these sheets are truly DIVINE!

They’re beyond my very high expectations. 🤩 Notice the gentle ripples in the fabric. 🥹 They move and feel like a soft rich silk that is so irresistible! They also have a noticeable weight to them that screams luxury. Yet, they don’t weigh you down and they’re cool to the touch and very breathable.

I’ve tested many sheets over the years, but this is the first set where my partner wasn’t kicking them off his side. In fact, every night he climbs into bed he says, “Oh, my gosh, THESE SHEETS THOUGH!”. 🤯 Needless to say, they’re here to stay. Literally. 😆

hand holding a set of tags of white sheets

Quince bamboo sheets leave no box unchecked. Just like many of the other Quince products I’ve tried, these are high quality and meet high standards with zero compromises. This set has thoughtful tags on the top, bottom, and sides that make making your bed even easier. They’re made of the finest 100% viscose from organic bamboo. And it shows. 😏

Additionally, the fitted sheet offers 16″ to fit comfortably on extra deep mattresses and those with mattress toppers. They wash beautifully and come out wrinkle-free. That said, some wrinkles are to be expected after sleeping with any bamboo sheets.

woman making bed with white sheets and blankets

As someone who’s very eco-conscious, I love that bamboo is a renewable resource that grows quickly and uses far less water than cotton. They’re also easily the most luxurious sheets I’ve ever owned. I truly enjoy crawling into bed with them every night!

After sleeping on these sheets for a couple of weeks straight, I can confidently say I know anyone buying these will be so impressed with the quality and feel. Best of all, you’ll feel good about the money you’ll save too.

Here’s what our Hip CEO, Collin, had to say about her Quince sheets:

close up of unmade bed with white bamboo bed sheets

“These bamboo sheets are seriously a game-changer! I’m talking breathable, soft like a cloud, and light as a feather. They’re like a cozy hug at the end of a long day. Plus, knowing they’re eco-friendly? It’s a win-win! Trust me, once you try them, there’s no going back to regular sheets.”  – Collin, Hip CEO & founder

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