Apple’s self-repair program now covers M3-powered MacBook Pros and iMacs

Apple has been steadily expanding its Self Service Repair program since spinning it up two years ago. Starting today, you can access the tools, parts and repair manuals you need to fix the latest MacBook Pros and iMacs that run on the company’s M3 chips.

As of sometime next month, folks with M3 systems will be able to use Apple Diagnostics for Self Service Repair on their systems too. The web-based tool gives end users the same capabilities as the company’s authorized service providers and independent repair shops to pinpoint parts that may need to be repaired, as well as to test for “optimal part functionality and performance,” Apple says. The company debuted this tool for iPhone and Mac last year.

On top of that, Apple notes that it’s trying to improve the Mac repair process and make it more efficient through tweaks to system configuration procedures. As of early March, you’ll no longer need to contact its Self Service Repair team to carry out the final step of a repair. However, the team will still be available in case you need a hand.

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