Adorable Fruit Notepads 4-Pack JUST $5 Shipped on Amazon (50 Sheets Each + Full Magnetic Back)

4 different shopping list style magnetic notepads with fruit borders laid out on table

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For a limited time, pop over to Amazon where you can get this super cute 4-Pack of Fruit Magnetic Shopping List Notepads w/ 50 Sheets Each for just $5.35 or less when you opt to Subscribe & Save (regularly $10.99)!

Here’s the deal…

4 different shopping list style magnetic notepads with fruit borders laid out on container

These notepads have lines on them making them perfect for list making! Each one has a different fruit around the border like cherries, oranges & lemons, avocados, or watermelon.

Use these notepads to write out your weekly shopping list, ideas for meal plans, or to keep a list of grocery items as you run out during the week.

Each pad has 50 pages on it, so this set will last you a long time. Plus, the entire back is a full magnet, so they will stay on your fridge and not move around or bend, even when you are tearing a page off!

4 shopping list notepads, 3 showing the front with a fruity border and 1 flipped over showing the full magnet backing

Check out these reviews…

Magnetic pads are a must in this household! I love the designs on these and the pack was a good deal for 4 pads. The magnet is strong and holds up. Our dry-erase lists are nice, but when it comes to taking the list with you, you can’t go wrong with good old fashioned paper.

These are fantastic. They look great, stay on my fridge, and are the right size for me. A bit narrow – perfect for checklists. Recommended.

Bought this because many people in my family use lists for *everything*, whether it’s for groceries, to-do lists, or simply just for notes. I wanted to find a good bundle of list notepads that also had a magnet on the back so they could stick to the fridge. Found these that were the best for the price and still had a design that I liked, the fruit, so I bought them. They work great. The magnets are super strong and haven’t had an issue with it sticking to any fridge, or the pad falling off even when ripping the lists off the pad itself. My only complaint with the pads is that the color is a little faded and could be more vibrant, but they give off more of a pastel look. Overall I really like these for the price and will buy again when we finally run out!

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